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Our security license number (9) is a pioneer in the Saudi market for more than 24 years. We have achieved leadership in service projects, both governmental and private, such as hospitals and markets. To name a few. And from these services provided by the security escorts service in which we relied on trained cadres of the highest level and experienced to provide a new concept and advanced in the field of security escorts.
Providing a safe environment in any area increases the productivity of this environment, so we are partners in development and productivity by providing a safe and professional environment.
Al Nusban Security Services Company provides its services with confidence to the cadres of a high level of training and development.

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Word of the Executive Director

Al-Nusban security escorts has made great progress in recent times, making it an institution that competes strongly in providing outstanding service in the field of private security escorts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More than 24 years after its establishment, it has become a leader in the provision of private security services. The General Directorate of the Corporation has developed an integrated strategy to develop its performance in line with the major developments in the Kingdom in accordance with Vision 2030 to meet the expected demand for services Security in the next phase.

Al Nusban Security Services aims to meet the security needs of the public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to keep abreast of the progress in providing distinguished service to the customers and the care of its human cadres to maintain the good reputation achieved by the Corporation for its long history.

It has also developed a plan to raise the efficiency of its personnel and provide an attractive work environment, which will contribute to improving the performance of all its employees as well as moving towards expansion and growth through the public and private sectors in the field of private civil security services.

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al – Nusban

Executive manager

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