Annasban Holding is one of the leading companies in the Saudi market with its subsidiaries for more than 40 years of diversified investments in commercial and service, and we have achieved leadership in service projects, whether governmental, semi-governmental or private.Among these services provided by Annasban is the security guards service, in which we relied on highly trained and experienced cadres to provide a new and advanced concept in the field of security guards.As providing the security environment in any field increases the productivity of that environment, so we are partners in development and productivity by providing the security environment with professionalism and distinction and providing security and stability for the facilities we work with with cadres at a high level of training and development.

Our vision

Leadership in providing security services of high standards and quality in a professional manner

Our Mission

Excellence in performance..

To achieve homogeneity and successful strategic partnership with clints

Our goals

  • Providing civil security in a professional manner to achieve customer expectations
  • Excellence in the provision of civil security services
  • Continuous development of more efficient and progressive performance
  • Providing high quality service for a wider spread in the Kingdom
  • Our customer satisfaction is our primary goal
  • Selection of experienced and professional cadres to provide the service with honor
About Us